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VoH is a podcast exploring topics related to poverty, homelessness, and recovery. Each week, the podcast will feature conversations with men and women who were once hurting and homeless but have now turned the corner and started on the journey to restoration. We'll also visit with both national and local leaders on the topic of homelessness.

Apr 20, 2017

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Voice of the Homeless (VoH) Podcast!

Episode 10 introduces you to Everett, a 55-year old man who has found new life, hope, and recovery after spending years in the grip of addiction.

He once went by the nickname of "Bud," but as you'll hear, he's a new man and ready to proudly claim his real name!

On the VoH Podcast, our goal is to honor those who are serving and being served - while also inviting our audience to become involved in the cause of restoring their hurting neighbors.

Whenever we interview a person who has been through the recovery program at a mission, we will be sending a monetary donation to that mission.

Our hope is that our audience will help make that generosity possible by visiting the Voice of the Homeless Go Fund Me or Patreon page and making a gift.

Help us take listening a step further by sharing a gift of compassion to help someone in need!



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